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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Are Some Outlets For You?

I recently received an e-mail from the wife of an OB/GYN who is in a similar situation as I. She's a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), and she wondered, besides blogging, what other outlets I have for dealing with the life of a doctor's wife. I sent her a long reply back with all the things I've done over time to keep myself sane and busy when my husband's working. Here's a list of my various outlets and support networks:

1. With every move to a new city, I've formed a large support group of friends (and if they're in the area) family.
2. Along #1's line, I've joined a mom's group since I had my son almost three years ago.
3. Recently, I became an organizer for my current mom's group, which has really kept me busy and allowed me to become better friends with some of the other moms.
4. I've started all kinds of hobbies since my husband began medical school: knitting, jewelry making, belly dancing, yoga, blogging, and, currently, sewing.
5. I'm part of a regular book club, which helps me fill up my free time (when I have some) with reading good books.
6. We joined NetFlix when my husband was in medical school. We both love movies, and not only have we saved money and kept my growing DVD collection from getting insanely large, I also filled (and still fill) my lonely nights when he's on-call with a good movie.
7. I joined a gym when he was in residency and really got into shape. Not only did I feel good physically, I was also mentally and emotionally healthier. I had to slow down when I was pregnant and soon after our son was born. Recently, I've started walking, which is making a big difference in my attitude!
8. Not only do I blog, but I've also joined Twitter and Facebook. I admit that I'm becoming addicted to both, but they've really helped me stay in touch with friends from all over the country.
9. I'm still learning, but I try to ask for and accept help from others when I need it. I've always felt like I'm imposing on others when I ask them to babysit for me. However, those date nights and vacations alone with my husband have always helped keep our relationship strong.
10. I discovered a love for playing board and role-playing games, especially with my husband. We've been a part of small gaming groups over the last several years. When we moved to out current hometown, we reconnected with some of our college friends, who also play games. I've learned that gaming is a great problem-solving activity and such a wonderful creative outlet.

I'm sure there are other ways I've learned to stay happy as a doctor's wife, but these are my main outlets. If you're the spouse of a physician, what types of outlets have you found work for you?

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3. If you think words like "vagina" and "breast" are best left for the bathroom and/or bedroom, then this blog is probably NOT for you. I live with a doctor full-time, so the correct medical jargon for body parts is a part of my everyday vocabulary. I am certain, considering my husband's chosen field, that I will be using such words quite often when I answer your questions. Yes, I say "penis" and "breast" around my 2-year-old son. He's bound to hear them someday, and it might as well be from his parents. Also, I personally believe in teaching my children the correct names for their body parts.

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